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Wesley Brownlee

Wesley Brownlee Wiki

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Who is Wesley Brownlee ?

Wesley Brownlee, 43, a Stockton resident who was arrested in connection with serial killings that left six dead.

Authorities say they apprehended the suspect, identified as Wesley Brownlee, 43, while he was driving before dawn Saturday, possibly lying in wait for another life.

Stockton Police Chief Stanley McFadden said Saturday: “Early this morning I was on a killing mission, I was hunting.”

“He was wearing dark clothes and had a mask around his neck. He was also armed with a firearm when he was arrested. We are sure we stopped another slaughter,’ he continued.

‘Our surveillance team followed this person as he was driving. We looked at his patterns and determined early this morning that he was on a kill mission,’ he said, adding that Brownlee was taken into custody after engaging in what appeared to be threatening behavior, which included going to parks and dark places, stopping and looking around before of driving.


A moment of silence was held at the press conference for the victims of the suspect who has been terrorizing the community for nearly two years.

Investigators began observing the suspect after receiving tips and apprehended him in a car around 2 a.m. in the Central Valley city, where five of the shootings took place, McFadden said.

His first alleged murder occurred on April 21, and his most recent ‘hunt’ took place less than a month before his arrest.

He is now in custody and is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon. Police say he has a criminal record.

McFadden said his officers were able to make a breakthrough in the case thanks to “advice from the community” and “good old-fashioned police work.”

Authorities said they received hundreds of tips after announcing the manhunt, and investigators located and observed where Brownlee lived.

So far, authorities have been able to connect six gun deaths in California cities to a single killer since early 2021.


Law enforcement authorities described the Brownlee killing spree as a “reign of terror”. Only one of his alleged victims survived the shooting.

Earlier this month, police released images of a man they believed to be the Stockton serial killer.

On Saturday, the Stockton Police Department confirmed to the Daily Mail that they believe the individual in the surveillance footage is the same person who appeared in the video.

His first victim was Miguel Vásquez Serrano, 39, who died in East Oakland last April. He was homeless at the time of his murder.

He had been living on the streets of Oakland’s Seminary district for about eight months. A local resident told the Daily Beast that Serrano was known in the neighborhood for his ability to fix cars.

Natasha LaTour

Brownlee allegedly targeted Natasha LaTour, 46, who was also homeless at the time and living on the streets of Stockton.

She was camped out in a tent on the corner of Park and Union streets near the train tacks when a man dressed in dark clothing approached her with a gun in his outstretched hand.

She didn’t say anything to him before she started shooting.

She ran straight at him and tried to get to the road. She managed to stop a passing car and asked the passengers to call 911.

She had been shot nine times, but she survived to tell the police what she had seen. She later remembers waking up four days later in the hospital.


The next victim was not killed until this summer in early July.

Paul Yaw, 35, died on July 8; Salvador Debudey Jr., 43, died on August 11; Jonathan Hernández Rodríguez, 21, died on August 30; and Juan Cruz, 52, passed away on September 21.

The most recent alleged murder of his was that of Lawrence López Sr., who died on September 27.

Five of the killer’s seven victims have been Hispanic, although it is unclear if they were targeted because of their race. Some of the victims were homeless, while others were not.

None of the victims were robbed or beaten prior to their murders, and none appeared to know each other.

Also, according to police, the killings did not appear to be gang or drug related.

Police still don’t know the motive, but say they believe the killer was “mission-oriented.”

It’s also unclear to law enforcement why the killer apparently took a more than 400-day break between his first spree in April 2021 and July of this year, when he began killing again.

Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln said Saturday after the arrest that community members should be able to “rest a little easier tonight.”

‘I want to make this very, very clear, to the people of Stockton, to the United States and around the world. When the people of Stockton come together and we come together, we can get things done. Stockton will be a place where people can live, raise a family and grow a business,” he said.

Previously released CCTV footage shows the suspect dressed in dark attire limping around Stockton in the early hours of the morning.

Wesley Brownlee Quick and Facts

  • The California killer has been linked with seven shootings since 2021
  • Whitaker, 43, was taken into custody at around 2.00am Saturday morning while authorities say he was out looking for his next kill
  • Five of the seven victims have been Hispanic, though police say it is unclear if the killer was motivated by race
  • The mayor of Stockton says families in the community should be able to ‘rest a little bit easier tonight’

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