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Who is William John Ormandy?(Chilling video shows man fleeing after raping teen outside train station) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

William John Ormandy

William John Ormandy Wiki

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Who is William John Ormandy ?

CCTV footage shows the moment a “s*xual predator” was on the run after raping an 18-year-old woman in a “disgusting attack” behind a city-centre train station.

William Ormandy, 31, of Derby Court, Merseyside, who attacked the teenager near Liverpool Lime Street as she was trying to find a taxi home at 1am. after a night of partying, he has been incarcerated for over 12 years.

He followed after her before offering her her coat to keep her warm and help carry her home while he tried to get away from her.

Liverpool Crown Court heard him tell her she was “beautiful” before grabbing her and kissing her in a dark, secluded area behind Liverpool mainline station.

Ormandy then told him, ‘That’s a fucking kiss, give me a proper one’ as he tried to get home on February 6.


He then put her hands around her neck to strangle her before raping her screaming victim.

This afternoon (April 25) a judge sentenced him to 12 years and three months in prison. He was also placed on the S*x Offender Registry for life.

Passing sentence at Liverpool Crown Court, the judge said he was satisfied that Ormandy “deliberately selected a lonely 18-year-old girl and isolated her, showing a significant degree of planning”.

The court heard that she managed to push him off before running for help.

Ormandy, of Derby Court, Church Road, Merseyside, turned himself in to police after police circulated CCTV footage of him.

The court heard that the devastated teenager is now too afraid to leave her house alone, suffers from constant nightmares and has to shower twice a day.

The rapist, who has 13 prior convictions for 29 crimes, including violence against women, will also get four more years of license.

Judge David Potter said the teenager had suffered a “terrible ordeal”.

He told Ormandy: ‘You deliberately targeted a lonely 18-year-old girl, followed her and then forcibly raped her.

She has a history of violence against women and this court considers her to be a high risk for women.

He added: ‘The carefree nature of the victim has now been completely destroyed by this ordeal.

“Since this incident, she has had nightmares every day.”

Ormandy showed no emotion as he was sentenced when he appeared via video link from prison.


In a victim impact statement read in court, the teen revealed the traumatic effect the rape had on her.

She said: ‘Since this incident I have not wanted to leave the house.

If I go to the corner store, I need someone to come with me.

‘I want to know where my family is at all times and I don’t want to be alone.

‘I don’t want to go to sleep because I have nightmares about what happened to me.

‘There are times when my mother hugs me when I cry.’

She added: ‘I can’t relax and I need at least two showers a day.

‘This has had a devastating impact on my education and I don’t know what the future holds.’

The court heard that Ormandy’s past convictions include criminal damage, assault and stalking against former partners. One had to get a restraining order.


Cheryl Mottram’s indictment said Ormandy had grabbed the teen while following her when she went to get a cab.

Mrs Mottram said: “She told him that she was only 18 and living with her mother.”

He grabbed her and told her: ‘Sit on my knees’ and put his hands around her neck to strangle her.

‘Then he raped her.’

Sarah Holt’s defense claimed that Ormandy couldn’t remember much about the attack.

She said: ‘He is ashamed of himself.’

The lead investigating officer in the case, Detective Inspector Granville Sellers, said: “Despite stating that he did not commit the crime in the interview, Ormandy is unquestionably an opportunistic s*xual predator who took advantage of a vulnerable child and subjected her to an awful experience.”

“He realized the network was shutting down when my team worked around the clock to stop it and subsequently turned himself in.”

“The physical and emotional impact that his despicable crime has had on the victim cannot be underestimated. He showed incredible courage in informing us of her actions, and we continue to support her as Ormandy faces her suitably long stint behind bars.

“While crimes like this are extremely rare on the railway, they will never be tolerated. I hope that his rapid journey between commission of the heinous crime and conviction serves as a clear warning to s*xual predators: we will catch you and bring you to justice immediately.”

William John Ormandy Quick and Facts

  • William John Ormandy, 31, of Derby Court, Merseyside, was jailed for 12 years
  • He was found guilty of an ‘abhorrent’ rape on an 18-year-old woman in Liverpool 
  • The teenager had been looking for a taxi home when Ormandy approached her

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