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Who was Zobaidah Salangy?(‘I have a boyfriend and soon will leave infidel country’: Court is shown ‘fake’ texts from murdered wife as her husband is accused of killing ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Zobaidah Salangy

Zobaidah Salangy Wiki

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Who was Zobaidah Salangy ?

A husband accused of murdering his wife took her phone and texted himself saying she “had a boyfriend” and was “leaving the country,” prosecutors said.

Nezam Salangy, 44, is alleged to have killed his wife Zobaidah at a takeaway pizzeria in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, in March 2020.

His younger brothers, Mohammed Yasin Salangi, 33, and Mohammed Ramin Salangy, 31, are accused of helping a criminal.

The men allegedly took the body of Ms. Salangy from the Prego Pizza takeaway and took it to a rural location where they buried it in a shallow grave.

His body was finally found covered in branches and wrapped in a duvet cover and garbage bags on October 16, after police were unaware of the location for six months.


In court yesterday, prosecutors claimed that Nezam Salangy drove to areas in the West Midlands and Birmingham in the days after his wife disappeared, allegedly in possession of her phone.

The court heard that data showed Nezam Salangy’s car telematics placed him in the same place as his missing wife’s phone, including on Smethwick High Street.

Messages sent to Nezam Salangy’s phone from Ms Salangy’s at the time were read in court, with one saying: ‘Don’t contact me anymore. I have a boyfriend and soon I will leave the unfaithful country. Go away, I have a boyfriend and I don’t need you anymore.

Another claims that she “never liked the UK”.

“When Nezam traveled to Saltley, so did Zobaidah’s phone,” Simon Denison QC, a prosecutor, told the court.


“The prosecution says that it is further evidence that he was in possession of her phone and wrote all those messages to her, but also from her.”

Ms Salangy’s phone and SIM card were never found, the jury heard.

Denison said that after Nezam Salangy was arrested on April 4, he told officers that he “trusted his wife was still alive and would come home.”

He added that Nezam Salangy said his wife “left him because she no longer wanted to live in the UK and she wanted him to sell the house.”

“Nezam said he had mental health issues but he was afraid to go to the doctor,” Denison said.

He said that he had not seen her self-harm, but that she was very angry and that she did not like living in the country.

The Worcester Crown Court jury was also shown a series of CCTV footage from the night of March 28-29, 2020, when prosecutors allege that Nezam Salangy and his brother Mohammed Ramin Salangy buried Ms. Salangy.

Images of homes and businesses along the three-mile route between Prego Pizza on Austin Road, Bromsgrove and Copyholt Lane, where Ms Salangy was buried, show a light-colored car leaving shortly after midnight and returning shortly after 3 am.

Nezam Salangy and Mohammed Ramin Salangy to locate the couple

Police also used data from phones used by Nezam Salangy and Mohammed Ramin Salangy to locate the couple along the route and in the area of ​​the burial site, jurors heard.

Mr. Denison told the jury that the two men had returned from Copyholt Lane to Prego Pizza around 3 a.m. for about 20 minutes, then headed back to Copyholt Lane before returning at 4:20 a.m.

Mr Denison said: “The prosecution says they can be sure that in those 20 minutes they were at Prego Pizza, they were preparing to move out and then moved Zobaidah’s body in the Nissan Micra to be taken away and disposed of in the grave. they dug in Copyholt Lane.

“Having returned to Prego Pizza to tie it up and pick her up, they took her out in the car and that recorded activity is when they were burying the body at 4:20am.”

The court has been told that Nezam Salangy’s other brother, Mohammed Yasin Salangi, who is also accused of aiding a criminal, remained in Caerphilly, near Cardiff, on the night of the alleged burial.

The jury was told that during a police interview with Nezam’s brother, Mohammed Ramin Salangy, officers asked him if he had gotten involved in anything out of “family loyalty.”

Denison said: “Mohammed Ramin said that Nezam had told him that Zobaidah was dead. He said that Mohammed Yasin had told him that he had committed suicide.

He said that Nezam took her somewhere. He put her in the car wrapped in bedding so she wouldn’t see his face.

Denison added that the police showed Mohammed Ramin Salangy maps of the area, but he did not know where they had been.

The prosecution said that when Mohammed Yasin Salangi was interviewed, he told police that on March 28 he received a call from his family in Afghanistan to say that his brother and his wife had an argument.

Mr Denison said: ‘Mohammed Yasin said that he would not interfere and that he did not have a good relationship with Nezam.

He said that Nezam called him and told him that the oven was not working and asked him to bring a piece to the shop.

Mohammed Yasin Salangi told police his mother called them later and told them “they couldn’t go in any case because of Covid,” Denison said.

During the interview with the police, Mohammed Yasin Salangi said that a taxi driver had turned up and his brother had gone to Bromsgrove while he was staying in Wales.

The court heard that Mohammed Yasin Salangi told the police that when he spoke to Mohammed Ramin Salangy the next day, his brother said ‘they are stupid people, but absolutely nothing is happening and they are fine’.

Nezam Salangy, of Austin Road, Bromsgrove, denies the murder.

Mohammed Yasin Salangi and Mohammed Ramin Salangy, both from Adamscroft Place, Caerphilly, deny helping a criminal.

Zobaidah Salangy Quick and Facts

  • Body of Zobaidah Salangy was found covered in duvet in a shallow grave
  • She ‘vanished off the face of the earth’ after telling family she was going for run
  • Husband Nezam Salangy charged with killing her at their Bromsgrove takeaway
  • His two younger brothers also accused of to having helped him to bury the body 
  • Prosecutors claim Nezam drove his wife’s phone away from home and texted messages to himself claiming she ‘would leave the country’
  • But he told officers he ‘was confident his wife was still alive and would return’
  • Nezam Salangy denies murder in the trial at Worcester Crown Court


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